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Tammy Ann Winn: Reviews

Tammy’s wonderful heartfelt songs were a real family favorite among our Fairgoers. She breathes life and passion into all her songs. Tammy is a true talent, blessed with both a beautiful song and a sweet-loving soul.

Charles C. Pesano - Executive Director of the Florida State Fair, Tampa, FL

Tammy's music touches the deep longing within each of us for truth and meaning and love. She wakes up our desire to live passionately and to not give up on what is best in our selves and in the world. Her ability to speak to a wide range of human experiences and emotions makes me often feel she is singing my own life--giving my stories and feelings words and music that makes them more whole.

Pastor Rachel Young Binter - ELCA Campus Minister - University of Milwaukee, WI
I am lost for words to express what Tammy’s visit to Kenya has meant to so many people. Her wonderful songs sunk deep into our hearts; she blessed, healed and touched so many broken souls. With her wonderful voice, Tammy left our community with so much to remember.
Fredrick Owino Odhiambo - Student – Teachers Training College, Kenya, Africa
I've known Tammy for many years now and was excited to hear her music. She's an excellent singer and songwriter. I've enjoyed watching her grow creatively. What I like best about her is her drive and her strive for perfection in everything she does.
Kerry Wolfe - Operations Manager - Clear Channel Radio, Milwaukee, WI
I saw Tammy perform in Düsseldorf, Germany, fascinating thousands of people. Her voice, her lyrics, and her message inspired the international crowd. Furthermore, she has got the charisma to capture an audience; her stage presence shows that she belongs in this industry.
Johannes Batzdorf - Media Freelancer - Leipzig, Germany
I had the privilege of working with Tammy Ann Winn this summer. After hearing her music, I couldn't load it onto my iPod fast enough. Her music and engaging performance perfectly capture her energy and enthusiasm for life. From catchy and upbeat to laid back and chill, Tammy has a song that compliments any occasion. With Tammy's CDs in heavy rotation, even driving across Minnesota (twice) becomes a fun event.
Katie Puza - Student – College of Charleston, Charleston, SC
Tammy sings from her heart of our struggles and celebrations. She sings of love, justice, pain, and hope in God’s promises. Her voice is pure and clear, and immediately touches your heart, and puts you in touch with feelings you’ve had but have never expressed. When Tammy sings you catch a vision of what life could be, where hope and healing are treasured.
Pastor John Frerking - LCMS Pastor – North Palm Beach, FL