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Tammy Ann Winn: Published Music

You Know the Way

© Tammy Ann Winn (ASCAP)

You Know the Way

Brilliant Mystery

Show me your face

Creator help me

Discover the way


Oh Breath of Heaven

Bless me with fruit

Great Spirit help me

Discover the truth                       


I am the way (Mimi ndimi djia)

I am the truth (Mimi ndimi ukweli)

I am the life (Mimi ndimi uzima)

That lives inside you (Anayeishi ndani yako)

Where I am going (Ninapoenda, Ninapoenda, Ninapoenda)

You know the way (Unajua njia, Unajua njia)

Come live within me (Njoo uishi ndani, Njoo uishi ndani yangu)

Today and always (Leo na milele)


Powerful Teacher

Open my eyes

Messiah help me

Discover the life                       




And I know you’ll face heartache

And sometimes you will fall

But I promise I love you

And I’m here through it all           




Come live within me

Within me


Behind this project:

In 2006 Tammy and colleague Troy journeyed to Kenya, Africa, as part of a service group, where they offered music and manual labor in an effort to contribute to a community in need.  Of course they received far more in return than one could ever expect, as they were deeply moved by the loving kinship they experienced.  Since returning to the USA they have fundraised for various projects in Kenya.  

The choir part for “You Know the Way” was performed by The Lwanda Gospel and Compassionate Team of Kenya, Africa and recorded by Troy, while there, with very little technology available. After returning to the USA, Tammy and Troy set out to put this five-song disc together, with the goal of using it to raise funds for various needs in Kenya.  This disc features two TAW originals, produced by Troy, and three songs previously recorded elsewhere by The Lwanda Gospel and Compassionate Team of Kenya, Africa.