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Tammy Ann Winn: Published Music

My Friend

© Tammy Ann Winn (ASCAP)

How do I define My friend Someone I can walk with Someone I can talk with How do I know My friend Someone who cares To share His gifts with me And you As part of it all Stood tall In the middle of the whole You touched my soul Where do I see My friend In a crowd of faces In so many places Where can I find My friend Right next door To more Of life’s future And you As part of my past Held fast In the middle of the light You touched my life Where will we go My friend Now that time is changing And now we’re rearranging What will we be My friend Two who choose To lose The doubts that frighten us ‘Cause we As parts of the same We’ll remain In the middle of God’s hope We will hold… Onto one another We will hold You are my brother We will hold