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Tammy Ann Winn: Published Music

What Choice

(© 1998, Tammy Ann Winn ~ ASCAP)
You were just a young boy, from Mississippi
You played your songs at the edge of your bed for peace of mind
You must have had a big dream inside that young heart
Still you did what you had to do to just get by

But you hung around the right doors, ‘til the right door was open
Then you boldly went inside where no one had gone before
Had you any idea of the pressure you would undertake
I wonder, I wonder what choice you would make

You learned early on you couldn’t please everyone
Yet you pushed on with what would make you a star
You had a uniqueness to be who you really were
And it was this precious talent that took you so far

So you moved along with diligence, insightful of the business
And you tried to live a good life, not knowing your control
Had you any idea how the fame and fortune would wash you away
I wonder, I wonder what choice you would make

Some call you a king, I call you a man
Some blame you so much, but I, I try to understand
The choices made
The price you paid
The plans mislaid
But most of all, the gifts you gave