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Tammy Ann Winn: Bio

about TAW

Tammy Ann Winn is an award winning, internationally touring singer-songwriter and recording artist. Her eclectic collection of compositions highlights her talent for lyrical poetry and soulful delivery. In her fruitful music career, Tammy Ann Winn has sold and distributed thousands of recordings worldwide. She has been touring the US since 2002, and internationally since 2005.

Tammy Ann Winn has been writing and singing throughout her entire life. She began cultivating her talent in grade school, when she penned her first song and developed a love for writing in general. In those early years, Tammy participated in school choirs and musicals, and also briefly studied piano. It was not until recent years that she began studying guitar and playing djembe. Her main instrument, however, is her voice.

Today Tammy Ann Winn manages a meaningful career as a singer-songwriter, recording artist, presenter, and author. Her performances span the United States, Canada, Europe, Kenya, and Australia, with hundreds of events for thousands of people. She performs in diverse settings for a variety of audiences, and has offered contemporary music in venues such as the Reliant Arena in Houston, TX, the Burgplatz Stage at World Youth Day in Germany and for Kadongo Villiage in Kenya, Africa.

Tammy Ann Winn recordings include: CALLING DEEP, new release; COLLECTING YESTERDAY, a compilation, (c) 2010; BUTTERFLY, (c) 2004; A STEP BACK, (c) 2003; and SWEETHEART, (c) 2001. With thousands of recordings sold, Tammy’s folk-pop-rock songs about life and love appeal to a mainstream fan base. Amid this following, she has also won credibility in religious venues with her spiritually-inspired music.

Tammy Ann Winn’s career success is marked by external acclaim, including being nominated for five WAMI Awards (Wisconsin Area Music Industry); she took one home in 2004 and 2006!

Tammy holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV/Film, with a minor in Spanish, and a graduate degree in Religious Studies. One of her main interests in the field of theology is ecumenical and interreligious dialogue; to encourage a more just and peaceful world by advocating harmony among religions. Along these lines, Tammy writes a spirituality column for Milwaukee's Citygal Magazine.

Central to Tammy's life is her family, especially her husband and two daughters. Together they reside in the Chicago area.

TAW Endeavors

Tammy has been fortunate enough to take part in numerous cultural immersion/community service experiences as part of her vocation.

Domestic trips include:
New Orleans, LA in 2005;
Chicago, IL in 2003, 2004, & 2005;
Racine, WI in 2003, 2003, & 2005;
St. Louis, MO in 2004;
Puerto Rico in 2004;
Washington, D.C. in 2003 & 1996;
Kingston, TN in 2003;
Milwaukee, WI in 2001;
Birmingham, AL in 1999;
Appalachia in 1994

International trips include:
Australia in 2008;
Kenya, Africa in 2006;
France, Italy, and Germany in 2005;
Manitoba, Canada in 2005;
Dominican Republic in 1999;
Guatemala in 1995